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Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and Soulbiz Brand & Content Strategist



Crystal Mindshifter

Transformational Crystal Healing

tools & information to fire up your soul.


Transmute your trauma into golden knowledge,

 get clear on your spiritual life's next steps,

and experience your crystalline inner self.


Step into the magic of crystal healing, shift your low-vibing mindset and free yourself from the heavy rock

that's keeping your soul from shining!


Return to your bliss, your clarity and sparkle on!

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1:1 Online  Crystal Healing Programs

Crystal Deva

A 3-month 1:1 online full chakra alignment and spiritual life coaching program for powerful women who are ready to rock! 1:1 soul sister support and healing to get you clear, focused, knowing your next move and shining with deep energy work, energetic pattern alignment and spiritual life coaching advice to light up and connect with your sacred Self.

Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Expand your reiki practice thousandfold by learning how to work with crystal energies safely. A 6-month 1:1 online Crystal Reiki Certification program for powerful Reiki Masters who are ready to rock! 1:1 soul sister support and healing, plus step by step knowledge of professional crystal healing, which includes chakra balancing with crystals, crystal grids, crystal elixirs, applications, sacred geometry and the Crystal Reiki symbols attunements.

The Crystal Shaman

Become the Certified Crystal Healer you are meant to be! My mastermind program is a one-year online 1:1 Crystal Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Certification and Mentorship. Dive deep into energy healing, human energy anatomy, vibrational medicine, crystals, reiki, sacred geometry and shamanism with a teacher that has woven them all, step by step and wth 1:1 soul sister support. This is my legacy and wisdom storehouse. I would be honored to guide you into becoming your own lighthouse of power by weaving great wisdom and tools together, your way.

Let me turn you on to crystals! Book a FREE, no-obligation 15 minute Clarity Call with me.

I am here to

Ignite Your Light!

Every time you come to me for a reiki session, a crystal therapy, a lithomancy reading, a moon circle, an ACIM class or a spiritual life coaching session, we peel back layers of thoughts, patterns and vibrations that no longer serve you, the ones that have been dampening your inner fire. I've already walked the inward spiral that lies before you, so trust me to guide you as a sister that has been there and back.

I weave together energy work, crystal healing, ritual work, shamanism, inner talk, divination, community building, conscious breathwork, mindfulness, esoteric tips and A Course in Miracles ideas to bring you metaphysical tools and information to fire up your daily spiritual practice, which is the only way to stay woke af.

My intention is always that you become clear enough to choose for yourself what best serves and resonates with you. 


You are the light of the world. Go ahead and make me an instrument of your peace.

Let's light up the world, together!


Ready to sparkle?

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I am here to ignite your light, beloved soul.

If you are here, you are ready for change.

Come' let's walk together into the crystalline field where healing and miracles happen, and find yours. I invite you to rise and step into your next level.



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