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We are One. 


What you come to heal with me, I reckon it is my turn to heal with you.

That is when the door to healing opens.


You are safe, beloved, and accepted just as you are. I will meet you out there in Rumi's field "beyond ideas of right and wrong", where love creates a space of non-judgment. My heart and hands will channel the universal life force.


My mind (and yours) will open to Great Spirit's messages, while the crystals reorder space for new vibrations to come through. 

Every time you come to me for a reiki session, a crystal therapy, a lithomancy reading, a moon circle, an ACIM class, or a spiritual life coaching session, we peel back layers of thoughts, patterns, and vibrations that no longer serve you, the ones that have been dampening your inner fire. I've already walked the inward spiral that lies before you, so trust me to guide you as a sister that has been there and back.

I weave together energy work, crystal healing, ritual work, shamanism, inner talk, divination, community building, conscious breathwork, mindfulness, esoteric tips, and A Course in Miracles ideas to bring you metaphysical tools and information to fire up your daily spiritual practice, which is the only way to stay woke AF.

My intention is always that you become clear enough to choose for yourself what best serves and resonates with you. 


You are the light of the world. Go ahead and make me an instrument of your peace.

Let's light up the world, together!


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