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Is that a pyrite in your wallet?

Bueno my worldwide mystic humans that I adore, here I go again with another

CAREER CRYSTAL TIP: Pop a pyrite in your wallet to attract wealth!

Abuelo Pyrite is also called Fool's Gold because it is often found near gold deposits.

It reflects its energy nicely, strongly and squarely, bringing in abundance, wealth, success, enthusiasm and protection from accidents to your field.

At work, pyrite is the stone to tap into leadership, purposeful action and great planning.

It is an assertive, male crystalline presence that steers you toward your best.

It is your ally in manifestation.

Pyrite is a protective stone that sparks action.

It is a stone of hidden fire. Strike it hard against another metal or stone and see it come to life.

It loves being a money ally for you in the astral.

It fires you up from the inside with his brilliance, stability, energy of generational wealth, strength of the Earth, beauty of action, adventure and success.

Yes, you bet your ass you can!

It loves money, because it thrives on your succeeding energy.

It anchors the energy of succes in us the more we have it present in our field.

Here's what you do:

  1. Get into sacred head heart space

  2. Place the small pyrite chip on your palm

  3. Bring it to you heart

  4. Think/feel your most aligned rich life

  5. Ask that you feel see your rich life in action, feel it

  6. What is one word to describe it?

  7. Beam that vision, word and frequency into the pyrite until you feel it energetically 'click' or that your desire is received by the stone

  8. Thank your Higher Power as you see it

  9. Thank the Mineral Kingdom for the energetic help

  10. State: This or better is now given to me. And it is so. Thank you thank you thank you.

  11. Place the pyrite on your coin purse or wallet.

  12. Every time you use your wallet, glance at the pyrite and say : I am open to receive. I expand my relationship with money. Thank you thank you thank you.

Allow it to come back to you in the best form possible.

Trust life to expand for you again.

Do YOU have pyrite chronicles to tell?

Have you thought about working with crystals professionally?

Do you need to know, feel, be and have hands on experience to truly learn and embody something in your life?

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My certifications are online, but they are really mentorships.

All of them are now available evergreen and include one on one support, because I want to make sure you embody your new healer self, your way.

And we all know the true magic happens one on one.

You gets tons of researched, digested vibrational medicine information, contact time, resources, attention, support, embodiment tips and integrity.

You get a safe space and community to become the healer medicine woman of inner power you always know you are.

Plus, you receive written support for as long as you are paying it off, because I believe in fair and pleasant exchange of energy.

If you feel me as your energy healing teacher, check out my courses and programs at

Send me a message and let's get your healing practice going!

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