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Recover your inner balance after trauma

You've been to hell and back.

You've waded through utter dark madness to find you.

You are burnt crisp, exhausted, with energy just for yourself.

You've been through enough.

Your peace is here.

You deserve this.


Restore. Relax. Renew.

Restoration is a 9-day online crystal therapy immersion created by Brenda Soulfire, Crystal Medicine Woman, to replenish, nourish and realign your energy body after a traumatic event.

It's what your body craves.

It's what your mind needs.

It's what your emotional body yearns for.

It's what your soul is asking you for.


It's what you truly desire after going through something harrowing like that.

Part chakra clearing, part rebirthing cocoon, this lovingly created crystal healing experience is ready for you to step into it.


Nothing to do here but receive, receive, and receive.


Be able to stand here, now, back in the flow of love and creation, in your sovereignty, with optimum energy, replenished, renewed, recharged.

You, Restored

In this online 9-day 9-chakra clearing, balancing and nourishing container, we will take the time to receive Mother Earth's miracle vibrations straight to our main 7 body energy centers, as well as our main above and below contact points, our Earth and Cosmic Stars.

There will be nothing to do but play the videos and receive the crystalline Inner Earth restoration codes.

Maybe have a journal nearby to receive the downloads, but that's it.

You get to receive deeply. Yesss!

We will meet live every day for 9 days for about an hour just to receive. 

The live portion will run 10/20 - 10/29/2022, every day at 1pm MST.

Replays will be available on the program portal and you get lifetime access to replay the frequencies again and again until you feel good!

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