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Sondra Ray’s “Ultimate Truth Process” for Finding out the Metaphysical Cause

As an energy healer, I always look for the energetic why immediately.

I know that where the miracle of life is not flowing in my belief system, therein is my work. Then begins a process of looking deeper, seeking the root of the "problem".

What would I have to believe for this to be happening?

Past reading Louise Hay books, is going directly into your train of thoughts to discover your deepest why for your physical results in your life that stunt you.

All you need to do is uncover and shift the beliefs that are holding you back and creating limiting results that do not serve you any more.

Here is one of the best exercises I have found to help you dig deep and uncover that metaphysical root cause: Sondra Ray's Ultimate Truth Process. She was the mentor of my mentor, a master rebirther. And brilliant at heart mind decoding stuff.

Get your pen and paper, and let's go deep to find the big why that's been bugging you. Time to shift it, mystic!

This exercise can be used for any negative symptom or situation not just an illness. The following is excerpted from Celebration of Breath by Sondra Ray, 1983, Celestial Arts Publishing “Ultimate Truth Process” for Self-Healing Anytime you have any negative symptoms I your body, be it as minor as a headache or a disease as serious as cancer, you can begin clearing it immediately in the following manner.

Take out three sheets of paper and write at the top: 1. The reasons I have this condition are: _______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Keep writing all the reasons until they begin to repeat themselves. They will come out as negative thoughts. Some of them may sound ridiculous. Put them down anyway. 2. My “payoffs” for having this condition are: _______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ A payoff is a negative “neurotic” reinforcement of something you are getting to prove. What do I get to prove by having this condition?

3. My fears of giving up this condition are: _______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ You may not think you are afraid of giving it up. If you weren’t, you would have already let go of it. You are probably just afraid of the new energy you would have without it.

After doing this Ultimate Truth Process, write down your most negative thought about yourself.

My most negative thought about myself is: _____________________________________________________________________.

This is your deepest personal lie you are believing about yourself.

This thought, plus the other repeating negative thoughts you have written down in this exercise are what is causing your situation, condition or disease.

Now, simply invert the thoughts to affirmations and work with them daily, with a response column from the dark side with each one like I taught you in a previous post.

These negative thoughts have actually created what we call “negative mental mass,” which is causing your symptoms. The symptoms can be healed rapidly through change of thought, breathing and praying.

If you want help to unravel and heal these deeper with me, head on over to The Healing Room and book your soulfiring session with me. Totally worth it. :)

Blessings and happy clearing, cosmic babe!

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