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The most engaging, activating, and hands-on crystal healing club out there!

The Crystal Mystics Healing Club!


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Acquire a set of curated, high-vibing, high-grade crystals every month, learn exactly how to use each one, and connect deeply with magical friends from all over the world as you build your crystal healing practice in a fun, sparkly container.


In this sacred offering that is part subscription box, part healing club, part mystic circle, you receive 3-6 crystals every month, right in your own home, access to a private FB group and program portal, Q&A written support, as well as an inclusive mystic community. Plus, you'll learn how to co-create with the Stone People in the astral with Brenda Soulfire, Boricua crystal medicine woman, Certified Crystal Healer, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and renowned global energy healer trainer.


You can read all the metaphysical properties of crystals all you want, but there is nothing quite like experiencing the frequency of a stone and working with it first hand, guided by expert hands.


This container is coded to amplify your energy healing knowledge and prowess.


Are you ready to experience the crystal mystic?

Mystic, it’s time to get to your crystal game ON!
Energy Exchange


*per month ($333 value)

Subscribe to this lush crystal healing club
and feel the Earth goddess rise in you!

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With this sparkly offer, you receive:

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  • 3-6 new crystals!
    ($60 average order value in each box)

  • One (1) monthly Crystal Healing Tips PDF

  • One (1) live group crystal healing class, event, and/or activation per month

  • Access to private FB group

  • Access to club portal and past box videos and document

  • 33% discount on 1:1 Sessions with Brenda Soulfire

* Each monthly box has  $333 worth of crystals and services.
You get it for only $111 per month, plus, you can pause or cancel anytime!*

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Replays will be available the next day on the online club portal that you will have exclusive access to.

Not just the crystals and some info, but REAL, LIVE CRYSTALLINE CONNECTIONS!
This is for you if you...
  • Love crystals

  • Want to meet conscious crystal families across the world

  • Want to learn crystal healing the right way, slowly but surely and hands-on!

  • You are ready to expand your crystal collection and use crystals to support your best life

  • Not just amass them on the shelves

  • Want to acquire ethically sourced and high-grade crystals to work your energy

  • You are seeking crystal mystic inspiration

  • Want to steep yourself in crystal human magic and real-life practice that feels good to you

  • You are called to reiki, crystals, shamanism, the sacred life 

  • The Crystals call YOU

Sign up for the most engaging and community-building crystal healing club and subscription box out there.
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