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Build Your Unique Healer Brand!

Healer, mystic, intuitive, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, therapist, lightworker...

Stand out online by building your most unique online brand from the ground up, step by step, fully supported with pro advertising industry knowledge and stellar healer support! Take the time to build your brand, content and offers on strong, aligned foundations.

Birth Your Soulbiz

Imagine yourself, 9 months from now, celebrating your new soulbiz baby, the business you dreamt of all these years, your life's calling made flesh.


Imagine how cool your logo, colors, soul symbols, look is going to be and how good your soulbiz embodiment is going to feel. All eyes are now on you, soul sistar! 


Plus content creating and offerbuilding now feels doable after being in a safe, knowledgeable and supported container that showed you how to manage brand experience and creation.


Here is all that we will cover during this 9 month
healer brand, content and offer suite creation chamber:

Check out the full outline here:

Is this you?

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others online and looking for yourself out there

  • Just finished with all your training and certifications and are ready to land your flavor in your practice

  • Know it's time to revamp your online presence

  • Desire a business that is deeply aligned to your purpose, vision and soul 

  • Want to know the advertising industry's method of coming up with cool brands that embody cultural movements

  • Are ready to be deeply held and supported while you gestate your aligned online brand, look, message feel and offer suite

  • A healer, psychic, therapist, intuitive who is ready to stand out

  • Want to learn how to work your profitable , impactful magic online

  • Not happy with the cookie cutter design you have

  • Are ready to land your healer identity already

  • Want to make a name for yourself online and tap into the lucrative online healer/coaching industry

  • Ready to be deeply held as you create your gift baby to the world

Then this is for you!

Beautiful Women
Young Businesswomen

You Receive:

💎 18 Live Classes and Activations to guide your soulbiz creation


Painting Wall

Te Aho Robertson,
Soul Alignment Kaitiaki, Sound Healer and Spiritual Coach

Working with Brenda has been one of the most activating and  amazing experiences of my online soul alignment specialist career. She helped me organize myself, come to terms with who I am in the Wairua, or spirit world, plus she gave me tons of knowledge and tips to get me to where I am today. She came up with my log so easily! I highly recommend working with her!

Shannon Van Den Berg, CEO Kiva Publishing, Crystal Shamannes & Spiritual Sisterhood Leader

As a  shamanic practitioner for more than 20 years, working with Brenda was amazing. She helped me deepend and own my healer skills. It was this whole experience of gathering the wisdom and experience that she brings to everything the she creates. And then also her healing work is beautiful! I love doing breathwork and journeying with Brenda. She is very talented at guiding you safely. Her  chakra balancing work is also very powerful. I've worked with healers and benn a healer myself for many years and she not only can teach healing with such depth, but she IS such a talented healer. And she brings this really grounded energy to it too, and a lot of knowledge and beautiful non judgemental space holding.

Damaris Suarez, Reiki Master, Online Healer and Midwife in Training

I decided to take the Reiki Master Course with Brenda because of her energy and honesty she transmits. Brenda not only took the time to explain to me everything down to the detail at an energetic lefel, but she also adjusted her teachins to my way of being and learning. In each class. she made sure that I understood all the concepts, as well as the importance of my role as a healer. She never skipped over how I was feeling. Brenda is an excellent teacher, healer, and being of light. It is a pleasure for me to learn and evolve along with her. She even helped me with my logo!

Why Listen to Me

Magazine editor, journalist, museum community developer, special sections newspaper editor, translator, travel columnist, luxury market web project manager, cultural institutions researcher, social media writer, 360 marketing content strategist, ex small advertising agency owner, senior digital creative, editorial services owner, best selling author. Been there.

I'm the type of mind corporations trust their creations to give life, humanity and success to. An industry powerhouse, one that grew with the medium. The one that knows.

Marketers, account executives, project managers and entrepreneurs seek me out because I have the hands on experience, the knowledge and the pivot readiness to make their new business plans into viable creation. And can lead others into creation as well.

I lead people into creating, but creating because it means something to you. It's what I do. Senior creative after all.

I have also been a devoted spiritual seeker, now finder, for more than 23 years, and a professional crystal healer teacher for the past 6 years.

I have been a freelancer also for more than 13 years.

I now want to share with you, online goddess, what worked for Fortune 500 companies, the sweet sauce, your branding, content and offer suites!

We're going to turn what works for the big boys into cash for us.

Because if it's going to be a moneocracy, then let's do this. Because it's time to put your skills to good use and find your freedom on the way. And we are going to do it the goddess way.


Your brand is the house your business lives on, and you better get it right!

If you'd like to check out my resume, here it it is!

Brenda Soulfire_2020.jpg

Ready to create your unique healer brand?
Birth Your Soulbiz - Payment Options

Exchange and Pricing Plans:
$6K for 9 months
(Regular Value - $9,000.00 US Dollars)
2 live group classes/activations per month
1 1:1 coaching session per month
Stellar support to build your brand, your way, with plenty of time for it to truly sink in.
How does that feel?
If you can feel it in your bones, then it's a yes! Then, you're in!
You are sooo ready to be truly seen. Let's do this, conscious creator.




$500 off, plus FREE Full Chakra Balance


Sign up before 7/31/22 and you get the best payment plan!

$444 x 9 months,

$672 off, plus FREE Full Chakra Balance!


BYS 1:

$667 x 9 months

Simple and to the point. You pay as we birth your brand like it was a baby! 

12 months

BYS 2-

$555 x 12 months

Extend your support beyond the end of the program with monthly 1:1 sessions.

and beyond

BYS 3:

$444 x 16 months or

BYS 4: $333 x 18 months.

Extended written Q& A support after you launch your new brand, create content and craft your unique offers!

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