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After a very messy breakup and burning myself in the publishing/advertising corporate world, my body gave in with a myriad of "issues" at 33. I then took Louise Hay's words to heart, dove into rebirthing to a deeper level, devoured all the self-help and mystical books I could find, and transformed my mindset with the help of A Course in Miracles and a bevy of teachers into a full-blown fearless writing entrepreneur.

During that time I also embarked on my shamanic training and about 10 years ago, my hands turned on to reconnective healing by themselves. Reiki with Lisa Powers came a bit later, then the clairaudience, then the visions, and then, full training and practice in chakra balancing and crystal healing with Hibiscus Moon, along with shamanic training with local Taíno shamans.

I opened the doors of Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe in Isabela, Puerto Rico in 2016. It served as an esoteric community center and meeting space for local healers of all religions (from Protestant to Wiccan to Red Road to Yoruba to Catholic to atheist). It also hosted crystal workshops, ACIM classes, moon circles, mystic get-togethers and served as a healing space until Hurricane María devastated the island in more ways than one. After a couple of months in San Juan, I moved to begin anew in Denver, near the Rocky Mountains full of quartz that called me back after the storm.

¡Hola! Welcome to my healing space.


My name is Brenda Mari Rossy. I’m a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Crystal Healer from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who now makes Morrison, Colorado her home.


I am a spiritual seeker turned finder who now shares with you what worked for me. With over 26 years of dedicated inner work, most of them riding on self-will, I can teach you proven spiritual evolution practices, esoteric knowledge, symbolism, energy patterns, words and vibrational medicine practices that will change the way you see yourself. If crystals, symbols and words resonate with you, then I'm your energy healer!


Being a healer started for me very young. When I was a child, I used to float outside my body, have prophetic dreams and speak to Ascended Masters, but all of that changed with the arrival of my first moon. I turned to the Tarot at 14 and began with rebirthing breathwork at 19, a powerful trauma release breathing technique that served as a medium for direct revelation of Oneness years later. 


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I now help heal and support powerful women healers, soulpreneurs, CEO divas from all over the world into creating their best lives. Are you next? Rock on!

Crystals have always been around me as a tool for my process, as much as my journal. They are my homies. I speak with them daily. So much that I already billed myself as La Crystal Whisperer and act as a channel for them, our ancient helping spirits of Gaia. They help me help you so much! Since my hand chakras got activated, I have offered myself as a channel for all of us to heal our messy hearts in the presence of their stabilizing light. May they help clear us!

I am here to walk with you as we awaken from lifetimes of limited programming. My time spent with you will be intent on getting you clear like a crystal, open to rediscovering your inner flame again, so we can co-create the world of peace, love, and understanding that we all want.

With my knowledge, our allies, the crystals, and your mindful presence, we’ll spark the magic in your vibe! Contact me for a reading, reiki, crystal therapy, or spiritual life coaching sessions, and we’ll get you balanced, on your path again, shining with clarity and strength. 

I look forward to walking with you, lightbringer, as we polish into human crystals ourselves.


Aho!​ 🔥

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