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What happens during a Full Chakra Analysis and Balance, stays in the Full Chakra Analysis and Balanc

Let me tell you about my most popular session.

The Full Chakra Analysis and Balance.

It's not just any chakra reading, it's the deluxe energy body checkup you never know you needed until now.

Cause as a full blown lady boss mystic myself I like hearty, unique wisdom and usefulness out of an energy work session.

It's a profound subtle energy body checkup and attunement.

One that has empowered, transformed, inspired and opened the inner eyes of many of my clients all over the world for the last 7 years.

All for them were bold enough to take a look at their energy and were open enough, trusted me enough to guide them to, to receive, their next way.

So here's what happens during a Full Chakra Analysis and Balance.

First I ask the F. O. G., Fear, Obligation, Guilt to leave this space and claim the space for the light, which is the energy of information.

Then I call in love the energy of creation, and all energy we have left behind or lost, our power allies, our ancestors, spirit guides and mission guides.

I usually bring out the drum or the maraca and land our energy work within a womb of protection and the sacred directions.

I make these a ritual because we humans are coded to ceremony.

There is always a transformation. Always a before and after. A change. A movement. A new understanding.

We connect to Mother Earth, to Father Sky, to the guardians of this universe and to our own hearts.

We call in light, evolution, expansion, new understandings, highest good of all, which are now our intention and guide.

Once the sacred space feels stable and safe, I scan your energy body centers one by one with my trained self that has become some kind of crystal human radio.

I check color, hue, speed of energy, spin, flow, patterns, feels, stories...

All churning like butter in your system.

Yes, I see deep into you.

I honor this into me see greatly. That is why I take my sweet time seeing you.

Because seeing you is seeing me.

Once I have all my notes on all your 9 chakras (main body 7, plus Earth and Cosmic stars) you might be in el quinto sueño, but that's where the mystic fun kicks off.

I place the bespoke crystal grid on you, or in the sacred temple table if you are online, and procede to grid your energy body up to fine tune its flow and ease.

I tend to use a lot of crystals, and they always guide me.

Here, the space between the stones also comes into play and by this time I am usually in some some sort of trance building your energy body returner grid, my meticulous placement and clairaudience coming in handy.

By the time I place the third eye stones you are usually in technicolor inside your consciousness.

All sorts of colors, sensations, memories, emotions usually come up as I place the stones, doesn't matter if you are in person or not.

Once the grid feels stable and flowing and connected to you, I go back to the Earth Star and up and start the shamanic lighthouse part of the energy work, going into your chakras and reweaving the hue, pattern, stories as the crystal allies do their thing with you in the quantum.

This layered, deliberate energy work lands powerfully in the end as I ask ancestors, ascended masters and power allies, books, información, messages that we are ready to receive to come forward.

Whatever situation you are going, through I am ready to heal it within me, because I know, it's in me in some shape or another.

We receive the message together.

We heal together. It's in the Oneness where the miracles happen. We know this and vibe this already.

So, once all this download downpour happens, I reiki you until you feel good and lofty.

I seal all those good energy body repairs and shifts in there.

I thank the beings called forth, the Mineral Kingdom and sacred directions, close all dimensions, bring you back to the now.

We close with a talk about what I saw and how that felt for you.

Usually those talks are full of aha! moments and confirmations for you.

You bask in the new glow.

I take all those notes down. Ground you.

Then within a day or two you get your Before and After report in PDF with everything we spoke about and full of vibrational medicine Rx and customized spiritual life coaching action items to follow through on your inner ascension journey for months to come.

It's a multidimensional transformational experience with yourself the content you carry and your Inner Earth.

What my clients love is I give them back to themselves in energy form, give out a lot of valuable practical information and this information when applied brings them some of the most amazing miracles and results their lives and businesses.

Experience this life changing session online or in person in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Are you bold enough to see what your energy is doing?

Are you ready to take out of the box action to solve that problem?

I am waiting to take you through that next threshold.

Here to land all the inner beauty of you in your hands.

Book this transformative session for you at

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