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Grid Your Modem with Shungite!

Well, worldwide crystal familia, here's another

CORPORATE CRYSTAL TIP! Grid your modem with shungite.

Simply make a circle around it with at least 4 shungite stones and ask with heartfelt energy to Great Spirit and the Stone People to help protect you and the space from any energies that are not conducive to your Highest Good.

Reinforce intention and rearrange the grid as needed.

Shungite is a special carbon from Russia that has a unique atomic structure scientists love to study: fullerenes. These atoms are super smooth, super energy conductors and have soo many uses.

But mostly, with Shungite, it just feels really good. Even if it stains our hands.

Shungite is the best stone to protect yourself from erratic electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from all the electronics around you.

Your modem is Grand Central Station for energy coming in and out of your work space.

It pays to grid it to keep the erratic energies consciously contained and you in a more chill nervous system state.

Russians always knew that shungite was special, even built underground rooms with this stuff to enhance healing rapidly. Peter the Great set up Russia’s first shungite stone spa in Karelia and pioneered its use to purify water for the Russian army.

See, in 1992 it was discovered that fullerenes, tightly packed balls of carbon atoms, naturally occurs in shungite.

Our bodies looove, resonate and are made of a lot of carbon.

These carbon fullerenes aka super energy cleaners are what make this unique grandmother stone the perfect energy antioxidant with exceptional anti-inflammatory capabilities, and no AI EMF mofo can get vibing past her super calming, organic grandma vibrational authorite-y.

Grandmother Shungite absorbs and transmutes any health hazard that is wreaking havoc with your energy human anatomy.

You have enough with your work as it is.

Boundary up on unsolicited energies by gridding that modem!

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Here for us, crystal mystics that are changing the world!!!

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