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Land Medicine Woman Online Retreat

Your Most Embodied Self Yet!

Ready to own your magic?


Come home to your body and embrace your ORIGINAL self, the one who knows what's next.


Ground your unique essence & genius with powerful embodiment ceremonies, breakthrough exercises and liberating identity aha! moments.

Welcome to LAND, your portal for a more embodied & empowered experience of you.


LAND is the organic co-creation of two passionate medicine women rockstars - Gi Gi, Wild Embodiment Guide, and Brenda Soulfire, Global Crystal Healer Mentor.

LAND is a 4 Day Online Retreat to download and fast track the embodiment of your next creative identity.​​


LAND is a series of live, intensive & consecutive spiritual sessions and embodied activations to land a deeper, more expressed and wildy alive YOU.

What's better? We are holding this potent experience during this year's 8 energy all throughout the extra powerful Lion's Gate weekend! 

The Lion's Gate Portal is an annual cosmic alignment occurring during Leo season, where Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo constellation. It creates a potent energy gateway associated with manifestation, spiritual healing, and transformation.

Perfect to birth the new you that is calling to be expressed!

Who's coming?​


The Details



4 Day Online Medicine Woman Retreat

to Land Your Most Embodied Mission Soul Self

during the Lion's Gate Portal 


August 8 - 11, 2024

2 x LIVE transformative sessions per day


Online, inside Zoom, private Facebook Group and Program Portal and inside your home, or even better, get away for this ceremony!

We recommend that you stay in an Airbnb or camp near your favourite sacred spot for this incredible portal experience. This Retreat will be a ceremony and is meant to be real and transformative for all of us.  Take time out for receiving it fully!

Energy exchange:

$444.00 per person

Pay in Full Bonus: 1:1 Session with Brenda or Gi Gi

Payment Plan available starting at $122 per week


You, confident, clear, in your power, vibing your highest, knowing who you are and where you are going next, ready to being your next chapter: Priceless!

About Gi Gi

Wild Embodiment Guide, Self Expression Liberator & Creative Empowerment for Women

"When we open the door to our own wildness, we open the door to a new dimension of creativity, imagination and energy!" - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Reawaken your playful, curious and turned on nature! 

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About Brenda

Crystal Medicine Woman, Healer Brand Doula and founder of The Soulfire School

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, There is a field. I'll meet you there." - Rumi


Find me in Rumi's field.


Mother, daughter, writer, creatrix, healer mentor and crystal medicine woman. Here to ignite our Light!

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4 Days, 8 Powerful Online Workshops, 1 New You!

LAND Includes:

This 4-Day Identity Rehaul is for you if you:

  • Are a creative, healer, coach, therapist, community leader, entrepreneur, or visionary ready to reinvent yourself

  • Something deep is done in your life (a job, a relationship, a program you no longer want to run) and it's time to begin, seed and give form to your new chapter 

  • Ready to close this chapter and start a new one

  • Are craving a ritualistic experience with powerful soul ladies that can hold you with the most love and non judgement to birth your next phase of evolution!

  • ​Looking for a deep, meaningful, heart nourished, purpose driven weekend full of ceremony and mystic friends from all over the world

  • Are ready to receive a whole new version of yourself, maybe even your next big business idea, offer or creation!

  • Are ready to fine tune and match the vibration of the life you want to live

  • Are looking for your next incarnation, seeking your life work's inspiration to finally LAND

By the end of this profound experience you will:

  • Know exactly who YOU are!

  • Feel clear and be at peace with what is next

  • Feel good & empowered in your expression 

  • ​Feel energized, inspired and alive in your body 

  • Land your true worth

  • Embody your most beloved Self yet

  • Know exactly which direction to steer your life and /or conscious busines next

  • Radiate like the goddess you truly are, beaming in self appreciation and worth

Yes, I am ready to embody my most VIBRANT and POWERFUL Self yet!

Sign me up for LAND

4 Day Divine Embodiment Retreat

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