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What is Shamanic Crystal Reiki?

Shamanic Crystal Reiki is a holistic vibrational healing modality that combines the ancient practices of shamanism with the energy healing techniques of Reiki, paired with the languages of the Earth, sacred geometry and the Stone People's metaphysical properties.

It weaves and layers the spiritual and intuitive aspects of shamanic practices with sacred geometry, Mineral Kingdom knowhow, wisdome and lore, with the gentle and focused energy work of Reiki, creating a comprehensive approach to healing and well-being.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice found in cultures around the world. It is seen as the orginal human spirituality. Shamans are seen as spiritual healers and intermediaries between the human and spirit realms.

They work with energy, often through rituals, ceremonies, and journeys to connect with spirits, guides, and the natural world. Shamanic practices focus on restoring balance, healing, and wisdom. The main goal of reconnecting the human being to the Whole of the Earth, recognizing that We Are One.

Crystal healing has been an evolving relationship of humans with the different creations of Inner Earth. Crystal healing is light work it's energy work, it's light body work. It's also deep inner heart battery and study of subtle energy anatomy, crystal properties, crystal structures, crystal human lore and relationship, and a growing sense of frequency and tuning in.

Sacred geometry is the language of creation. Symbols paired with your growing consciousness and grounded with crystal energy is a serious manifesting power thing. It's the stuff of warlocks and geniuses like Tesla, but using ourselves as the conduit key battery.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that involves channeling universal life force energy through the practitioner's hands to promote healing and relaxation. It's based on the idea that energy flows through all living things and that blockages or imbalances in this energy can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Reiki aims to restore the body's energy flow, thereby supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Shamanic Reiki brings together the principles of shamanism and Reiki to create a holistic healing approach. Practitioners of Shamanic Reiki integrate the intuitive and spiritual practices of shamanism, such as journeying, connecting with guides, and working with the spirit world, with the hands-on energy healing techniques of Reiki.

This combination allows practitioners to address not only the physical and energetic aspects of healing but also the spiritual and emotional dimensions.

In a Shamanic Reiki session, the practitioner may use techniques from both traditions. They might incorporate elements like guided visualization, drumming, smudging, crystals, and symbols from both Reiki and shamanic practices.

This approach can lead to a deep sense of relaxation, energy balance, and a greater connection to one's inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Shamanic Crystal Reiki sessions are the best of the old and the new and can be tailored to address a wide range of issues, including physical pain, emotional distress, spiritual exploration, personal growth, and more.

The effectiveness of Shamanic Crystal Reiki, like other energy healing modalities, varies from person to person, and its benefits are often experienced subjectively, but are always life changing. And thoroughly awakening.

Most of my clients come out glowing from the inside out, having experienced deep inner moments of understanding and clarity.

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