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Shield Up Your Empath with Labradorite

SECRET CORPORATE CRYSTAL TIP People at work rubbing you the wrong way? Grab your labradorite!

Crystals at Work Tip:

Rub Labradorite to build an energetic filter of emotional detachment from other people's energy fields.

Simply center on your heart, rub, visualize the protective shape and layer energy throughout the day to the soft translucent vibrational shield.

Labradorite keeps you in your own little magic bubble and provides that extra strength to keep you safe.

Just like it hides and shows its gorgeous inner light, it keeps your inner flame protected.

It enhances mental and intuitive abilities, as well as bring out the best in people!

It also awakens your hands' healing abilities, fine tunes your third eye and allows you to express what has been hidden, which is super important for trust at work and business exchanges.

Crystal expert Judy Hall loved it, so do I and so do many other awakened souls who discover its fiery metaphysical properties.

Do take your Labradorite to work and let me know if you notice any changes!

Are you ready to dive deeper with your crystal healing skills and spiritual development?

Become an embodied energy healer yourself with my Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Certifications and Mentorships.

Here to bring out the magic in your rule, mystic babe!

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