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Ignite Your Light!

Welcome to your Healer Self.

FREE Crystal Healing 101 Master Class
Cyrstal Sistars - Stars Element_edited.p
Cyrstal Sistars - Stars Element_edited.p
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Meet Your Instructor

Brenda Soulfire


Shamanic Energy Healer, Certified Crystal Healer, Vibrational Medicine Woman, Usui, Crystal and Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher, Boss Babe Spiritual Life Coach, and Soulbiz Brand & Content Strategist. With over 24 years of dedicated inner work and esoteric research, I can guide and train you in proven spiritual evolution practices, esoteric knowledge, symbolism, energy patterns, words, and vibrational medicine practices that will change the way you see yourself and allow for the crystal human version of you to rise. Welcome to The Soulfire School, your safe space to become your community's new lighthouse.

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Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-06.png
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Into The Crystal Mystic

Reiki Master

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Crystal Shaman


Birth Your Soulbiz
Healer Brand Series

6-week Crystal Healing Deep Dive into heart and science of crystal healing for Healers, Coaches, and Soulpreneurs to uplevel and get confident with their Crystal Healing techniques and knowledge.

The gold standard for online reiki certification. A 12-month initiation to launch your professional healing practice! 

Reiki Master Certification and Mentorship Signature Online Course with a LOT of master/student contact hours.

Reiki practitioner, enter the world of Earth energy and affect the vibes around you with this Crystal Reiki Certification and Shamanic Reiki Mentorship

Signature Online Course. Two certifications in one!

Birth Your Brand, Birth Your Content and Birth Your Offers are supported healer brand creation programs to launch the New Earth business of your dreams! Download and craft the business of your dreams with these one on one coaching/healing programs

"Thank you to Brenda Soulfire who I have spent almost two years with, training in usui reiki, crystal healing and shamanic reiki. I can honestly say, it is the best thing I have ever signed up for. Brenda is such an amazing teacher and her courses and content are so high quality. She spends so much extra time with her students making sure that they are fully immersed in their training, living it and breathing it every day. She is kind, caring and compassionate and I am so proud of the healer I am today because of her. Her guidance has been second to none. She isn't pushy and let's you find your own healer ways and brand, but also offers a lot of guidance and help if you need it. Thank you Brenda. So grateful."
- Jessica Sage, The Soulfire School graduate, Shamanic Crystal Reiki Master,
health coach and gym owner, Northern Territory, Australia 

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