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The Flower of Life

This ancient sacred geometry symbol helps us in figuring out our place in the grander scheme of things. In crystal reiki, it is used in grids and during reiki healing for understanding complex issues and distortions of self perception, like body issues, low self esteem and self-loathing.

Crystal Grid Tip:

Make a Flower of Life crystal grid!

1. Draw the symbol (most powerful) or print it out.

2. Place a big center stone in the middle and little stones all throughout the meeting points.

3. Think about your desired reality.

4. Feel it in your heart, moving, throbbing, that new confident you.

5. Send that heartfelt energy directly into your center stone.

6. Touch the outside helper stones and bless them

7. Give your new self up to the Universe to bring it tangibly in the best and easiest form for you.

8. Keep feeling the confidence and passing it on energetically to the crystal grid.

9. Check-in with your confidence level. Journal about your experience at 21 Days. Rearrange stones as needed and called to.

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