Discover Amazonite, the Stone of Truth!

Known as the Stone of Courage, or Stone of Truth, this gorgeous beauty has helped plenty of lightworkers to open up their throat chakras and let themselves be seen.

Amazonite was worn as jewelry in pre-Columbian South and Central America and was believed to have adorned the shields of the semi-mythical Amazonians, a formidable tribe of female warriors thought to live in the 10th century B.C. They also used Amazonite medicinally to heal wounds and illnesses of all kinds. The conquistadors prized it for adornment and its ability to be carved into cult objects.

Heart-shaped stones tend to help what their symbol stands for: love, compassion, and harmonious relationships. Use these when you want to have those hard truth conversations when you need to speak in public when you need to soften your voice and calm down the anger.

In sphere form, it can be the centerpiece to your public speaking crystal grid, as your new best friend making social media videos or massaging your sore throat. This amazonite sphere is simply a little powerhouse of personal truth.

Amazonite captivates us with its shades of turquoise-green, to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Its energy is powerful, providing harmony and balance while tempering aggression, tames the irrational, and stilling the disquiet. It also assists in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. It dispels negative energy and aggravation and protects against unfair business practices and others taking advantage of you. It also carries a spiritual energy of personal truth, which kindles a harmonious interaction between the intellect and intuition.