7 Facts About Crystal-Human Relations That Will Rock Your World

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Crystals and humans have a looong history behind them. Check these quirky crystal facts out!

Think that crystal healing is something too woo-woo to mention? Up until the last century, crystal remedies were prescribed by physicians, priests, midwives, shamans and witches alike because it was a trusted form of healing, with a long history of proven effectiveness since ancient times.

To counteract that cloud of brujería mainstream thought has around my chosen passion, follow me into the far reaches of history to uncover some sparkly facts about crystal healing lore that will spark your crystal curiosity.


The Nile people were stone people. Egyptians buried their dead with a quartz on their forehead to help them reach their destination in the afterlife. Pharaohs ambled about with special stone cylinders to balance their Ba and Ka energies. Wise señoras like Cleopatra would smother crushed lapis lazuli on their eyelids to promote enlightenment. And of course, everyone, hasta los bebés, had a crystal hanging close to their heart.

Romans loved carnelian. Los romanos were really into crystal amulets, wore like 10 rings at once, and changed the stone depending on whether they wanted to boost their immune system, attract wealth and love, or wear them into battle for protection. Their vast wealth brought with it precious gems and striking jewel designs like the many lost carnelian cabochons recently found in Bath, England.