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Crystal Healing Tip: Use pyramids to manifest like a queen!

Crystal Healer's Tip: Use a pyramid to beam up your manifestation.

Pyramids are some of the strongest forms and collect energy in angles, then shoot it upwards focused in one stream.

Super powerful and purifying battery spaces.

Try this.

Write your manifestation down clearly on a piece of paper, place it under a crystal pyramid.

Feel it, see it in your mind’s eye, while touching the pyramid and sending a beam of heartfelt desire (not want) matching the vibration of your manifestation into the heart of the pyramid.

Close the invocation, thank the beings and the Mineral Kingdom, always, for its help.

Reconnect weekly to that vibrational space until your dream manifests, and never rush it, desire, but let it come when it does, like life’s gifts, in perfect harmony.

Trust divine timing.

Now you want a pyramid? Lol Here’s what I have in store right now:

Rock on!

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