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Angel Aura Rose Quartz

Rub these sparklies when life throws you low vibing curves!

Tune into the energy of unconditional love tinged and tanged by gold!

Shimmering irridescence and sheen rainbow of colors dazzle our eyes and awaken our sense of magic. These small rose quartz palm stones were baked and bonded with Platinum, Silver and Gold in Brazil at a high temperature, which uplifted the yummy rose quartz vibe to the angelic realm.

Their frequency is loving, sweet, sparkly, angelic, fantastic and magical. Truly a soothing favorite.

Angel Aura Rose Quartz supports you metaphysically with the following:

  • Angelic communication

  • Seeing beyond the physical

  • Understanding the nature of love that you are

  • Romance and happy feels

  • Soothing anxiety

  • Healing inner child

  • Communication with your angelic guides

  • Harmonizing your energy body

  • Bring back joy and wonder

  • Particularly helpful in soothing the nervous system

  • Soothes panic attacks

  • Aids in attuning to and giving Reiki energy

  • Mood lightener

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