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Little Crystal Gifts

Sometimes the biggest energetic blessings, come in small sizes. Here are some examples for you to choose from:

Crystal Chips

Crystal Chips are perfect for creating intentional gem elixirs and healing tinctures, your own crystal energy room sprays, or gluing them onto your wands, frames, or altar creations. Use them whenever you need just a tad bit of crystal essence.

Crystal Magnets

Magnets can also be useful to bless your fridge or your environment! Why? Because we can send good vibes to our food via crystals and maintain the subtle energies of the fridge realm with these gorgeous, high-quality crystal devas. Stick them to the fridge, your car, or any metal furniture around you to increase the beauty and also be able to program the vibe in that space.

Crystal Pendulums

Pendulums help us discern energy and thought patterns and bring in the confirmations we need in order to stir our actions. A pendulum is a metaphysical tool that is used to communicate with spirit via your higher self or your guides. This is one way that you can confidently make decisions based on a precise method. This tool can be used to aid you to make decisions about healing and is a fast and easy way to get answers to your problems.

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