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Crystal Healing Tip: Activate your crystals with heart energy!

Crystal Healer's Tip: Activate your crystals with heart resonance and entrainment. Resonance and strong biomagnetic coherence occur in you when your mind and heart vibe in union, creating/feeling a vision that feels good in you. Entrainment is a process in which one set of frequencies influences another set of frequencies that eventually match and create harmony. To activate your crystals, send a bubble of heartfelt mind creation with your heart on sacred fire into the crystal or crystal grid. This activates it and gives it a purpose, which the Stone People love. Remember to thank the Mineral Kingdom, as it is alive, in a different way than you, but this is why it can help you in the quantum realm. Want to get new crystals? I sing to mine and give them reiki before sending them off to you. Get your Crystal Blessings from your crazy crystal lady at

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