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Work with your energy with air

Have you felt the wind today?

Yes, Air has energetic properties! And most of it is to clear, to begin anew, to enhance your connection to Spirit. In energy healing, we often discuss the aura, chakras and meridians. But it is also important to seek balance within yourself and recognize the fundamental elements of nature. It is important to discern energy signature by working with the elements in andaround us.

The elements around us play into the energetic mix of our experiences. Learning to discern them, their energetic signature, and their presence in our everyday lives, awakens in you a totally different human. Once we awaken to the power within, and aware of energy, the next step is being aware of the elements.

And air is one of the easiest elements to tune into. Air is in us and surrounds us, and can only be seen by the effects it has on the other elements. Yet it clears and refreshens, as well as tear off and ask a restart. To tune into Tate, the wind spirit of the Lakota, become conscious of it, of how wind and air moves within your environment. When it picks up, let it clear the old. When it is stagnant, listen.

Air resonates to the human mental body, is masculine in nature and its corresponding sacred direction is the east, the direction of the dawn, and new beginnings. Use Air to start working consciously (because it all IS in your mind) with the elements around you. In this case, use air to clear and refreshen the things that you want gone or shifted.

Turn on the fan, open the window, gaze at the passing clouds and watch the wind blowing through the trees. Be here now, with life breathing through you, as air.

Here are other action items you can take to tune into Air element energy consciously and open up to aha! moments in your spiritual life. Let me know your biggest takeaway!

Air Element Actions

  1. Breathwork Automatic

  2. Writing Birdwatching

  3. Mountaineering

  4. Star watching

  5. Smudging

  6. Burning incense

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