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9 things to do before for your first energy healing session

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

You did it! You finally booked that appointment with that healer your friends have been raving about and are ready to see what reiki is all about. Although there is nothing written in stone when it comes to spiritual healing experiences, because what happens in each healing is exactly as it should be, the following are basic steps you can take to prepare for your first energy healing session.

Wipe the schedule clean. Mujer, this is your day. Dedicate it to yourself, to dialing up your inner light, to amping up the goddess in you. Go ahead and cancel all other appointments and thank yourself for being so brave. You’re letting go and letting God.

Bring in the fun! Now, after the healing, jot down one yummy place to eat and one fun thing you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t let yourself do. Think what feels good, sacred diva!

Drink lots of water. Lots of it. Agua por un tubo y 7 llaves, u know… Water is the ultimate conductor. Reiki and electromagnetic frequencies transfer through the water in your cells. Having lots of water in your system gives your cell tissues enough solvency and flow, so you can to receive the new frequencies and information easier in your physical body.

Get a journal. Energy healing sparks lots of aha! moments and unearths past life and future life gems that you want to start to keep track of once you begin this soul journey. Welcome to your magic carpet ride!

Have intentions but release expectations. It’s good to be clear about what you want to heal in a session, but the less expectations you have about the way it heals, the more awesome the miracles get. A healer is a channel for your own healing, someone who keeps the space for healing to happen in yourself as the Divine works in both. And we all know the Divine is unpredictable stuff, so be open to the lessons and forms of healing this session brings. This opening and lightening up is what you came for. Open up to it.

Relax. Take all that stuff that is bothering you and put it on freeze, hold, pause, out of sigh, out of mind. You are entering sacred space. You are stepping out into a higher way of vibration. Leave the worries at the door and pause the pity party so the new frequencies and order can get in. You are safe and you are beloved.

Eat light first, go yummy afterwards. Energy healing is best done on an empty stomach so that your system is ready to work on subtler levels. Eating 2-3 hours before your session is best. But definitely think of where you’d want to go next, because inner work makes you happy and hungry!

Trust. Know that everything that you will experience during and after the session is for your highest good. If you experience lots of inner resistance and sabotage before the session, take a deep breath and remember that everything that happens IS for your highest good. You’ve got this, bella. Breathe. Pray, and dive deep into a new vibration of peace. Let your healer know about all this resistance, they will understand. The sooner you fall in to a space of into-me-see with them, the sooner your healer can start to shift you into a higher love frequency and understanding. So trust. It makes our job easier. We already trusted enough to surrender our lives to the healing light. There really are no coincidences. There is a reason. Everything that comes up does so for healing. So, suspend suspicion and let the energy of full trust heal you.

Sink into the heart. When you’re there on the table, simply forget everything you’ve been taught, and reside in your heart. Put your hand over it if necessary. Everything you need to know lives there, including your Self. You will be told all you need to know at the right time. Being in your heart is what you need to know.

There is no right or wrong way to prepare for an energy healing. Every encounter is unique. Every healer has the right words and message that resonates with the right client. That is why they were put in each other’s path in the first place. Trust your healer. They will put you in touch with a vaster part of yourself. With that, I leave you also with this truthful quote:

“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” – Maryam Hasnaa

Oh, and here's a little peek at what an energy healing session looks like:

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