Crystals By Colors

We all know that crystals come in different shapes and colors and that they can enhance our chakras' energy. Colors also have their vibrational meaning, and we can tap into this magic through crystals.

Let's explore some crystals associated with each chakra and its color:

Cosmic Star Chakra | White Crystals (aka Soul Star, 8th Chakra)

Chakra Meaning: Divine love, spiritual connection, and transcendence. Heightens our embodiment of spiritual wisdom.

Color Meaning | White: purity, cleanliness, and peacefulness in Western Cultures. Death and rebirth in Eastern cultures. It also symbolizes a new beginning or a fresh start.


Higher Heart / Transmutation Chakra (aka spiritual heart chakra, thymus chakra, or etheric heart)

Chakra Meaning: Where intent and language originates. It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth, and forgiveness.

Color Meaning | Pink: Joy, creativity, euphoria, and freshness. It also symbolizes compassion, a heart-warming vibe, and femininity.