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Third Eye Affirmations

Welcome to the cosmic energy of your ancient eye! The third eye chakra is where we transcend duality and see through all worlds at once. It is our cosmic WiFi antenna, information center deluxe.

The Sanskrit name for the Third eye chakra is “Ajna”, which means “command” and “perceiving”. This chakra is related to the “supreme element”, which is the combination of all the elements in their pure form.

Here are several affirmations to balance this most powerful overseer center of things.

Repeat after me:

👁️ My sight sees beyond this world.

👁️I am open to connecting to the Universe.

👁️ I am a present observer of my life.

👁️ I embrace my inner knowing.

👁️ I listen to my intuition.

👁️ I trust my inner teacher.

👁️ I am ready to see the truth.

👁️ Everything I see is an opportunity for growth.

👁️ I am wise.

👁️ I am intuitive.

👁️ I am connected.

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