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Solar Plexus Check-in

Welcome to your Solar Plexus!

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is your center of power, strength, and ego.

This week we’ll be vibing to our inner sun subtle energy center, getting to know it and finding our internal power groove.

The best way to check in with your energy body’s centers is to ask yourself key questions to see where you are at with that chakra’s energy level.

Then you can ask your Higher Self or energy healer what you need to do to correct and balance it within the next few weeks.

There is no right or wrong answer and no one is completely balanced for too long, otherwise we’d vibe right off the planet in our perfect rainbow body clicked into place!

So remember to be gentle on yourself as you ask yourself these truthful questions. Assess your energy with these journaling questions. Get to a safe, sacred space and journal on these to take a good look at what your inner sun is doing.

Solar Plexus Chakra Journaling Questions:

🌞 Do I feel in control of my life? Or do I just do what I "have to do"? Are you feeling like a victim, or like you have the power?

🌞 How do I deal with difficult tasks? Do I procrastinate? Or do I just dive in and do them until they're done?

🌞 How do I spend most of my time? How does it feel? Does what I do serve my bigger desires and life purpose?

🌞 How is my self-esteem on a daily basis? Do I feel confident and proud to be who I am? Or do I hide away so as not to be seen?

🌞 What role does worry play in my life? How can I let these worries go?

🌞What was my family environment in terms of control? How did my parents get me to do my chores? Did I get to make a lot of my own decisions?

🌞 Do I conform too much to my family’s expectations and culture? Do I do things that I really don't want to do because they are 'proper' or expected of me? How am I dealing with the pressure to conform to the tribe?

🌞 How do I hold my power? Do I let it get away from me on a regular basis? Do I tend to give it away to others? Do I want others to make the decisions for me?

🌞 How much energy do I invest on people that confuse/annoy/anger me? Do I feel ashamed of how I'm using my energy when it comes to other people? Do I feel empowered in my relationships.

🌞 Do I feel a need to control anyone in my life? If so, how do I do it? Does it lead to conflict?

🌞 What is my gut feeling telling me now?

The simple fact that you took time to assess this will clear your solar plexus energy and make you feel better in your own skin and power.

Happy aha! moments. If you feel you need support with this, I am so here for you. DM me and let’s get you shining back again and in your power!

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