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Heart Chakra Check-in

Welcome to your Heart Chakra!

Happy Mondaze, rising folk. Let’s continue in our mindfulness journey and reach into what’s going on in our hearts. After all , there is a war going on for it in the ethers and beyond.

Following are the symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra.

Overactive Heart Chakra

  • co-dependence

  • jealousy

  • high expectations

  • harsh judgement of others

  • neediness

  • lack of boundaries

Underactive Heart Chakra

  • manipulative behaviors

  • feelings of unworthiness

  • inability to trust

  • lack empathy

  • disconnect

  • isolation

Balanced Heart Chakra

  • Warm

  • Open

  • Good mood

  • living the Oneness

Tune into them, and be honest with yourself. This is for your empowerment only. No judgement. If any of the more negative ones resonated with truth, do not despair, half of the undoing IS placing your energy, light and focus on the contents of your most sacred vessel of the Self.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking a look at your multifaceted self. Shine on!

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