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Reprogram Yourself with Affirmations

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

by Brenda Soulfire

Affirmations are not just about hammering the new thought in. As a matter of fact, the more you try and convince yourself of a new thought, the more blocks or resistance you have to it come up to the surface.

I avoid having my blocks stare back at me in real life by working in new thoughts on paper and with a response column!

The body remembers. Hence the writing to reprogram your mind. And writing down your sparkly new affirmations while giving your little human subconscious space to express itself, goes a long way to clear and shift old beliefs that no longer serve. It does the light work on paper. And it gives your dark side a chance to say its truth. So, read up and try this Affirmation with Response journaling exercise to integrate your new affirmations.

Affirmation with Response Journaling Exercise

Discover this much more effective way of working with affirmations that I learned during my rebirthing breath-work training days. It’s much more effective than simply repeating them until they sink in.

What you do is write them down with a response column! This way, your dark side and your light side can have their say on paper, you can see your blocks clearly and the beliefs that are ready to change. Here’s how:

How to do affirmations with a response column

For each affirmation, write the affirmation and your first response 21 times for 7 days straight.

Draw two columns, one for the Affirmation and on for the Response column.

Example of Affirmation Exercise with Response Column:

What goes on the response column?

The response can be anything from a thought to a sensation to a memory, scent or visual. Jot it all down. It is usually visceral. Write what first comes, allow it to be there and acknowledge it.

Repeat the affirmation until you feel your response has integrated the new idea. Usually 21 times is all you need, but yeah, everybody is different, so you do you. Follow your gut how many times you need to write these down until you integrate the new sparkly idea.

Ok, my crystalline lovelies. Thank you for working on you, for aiding human evolution and becoming the crystal human you were called to be. Thank you for being here. May you embody the crystalline more and more. Aho. Han han katu. And it is so. :)

Happy crystal mind shifting!

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