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Create a Flower of Life Crystal Grid!

Crystals get activated with the electromagnetic energy beating out of our intentional hearts, but they really sing manifestation when gathered in specific shapes. That is why there are a whole science and art to making crystal grids and arranging them in sacred geometry patterns that ring to the beat of creation. One of the most popular grid shapes is the Flower of Life.

This ancient sacred geometry symbol helps us figure out our place in the grander scheme of things. In crystal reiki, it is used in grids and during reiki healing for understanding complex issues and distortions of self-perception, like body issues, low self-esteem and self-loathing. It reconnects you to your role and purpose.

Here’s a Crystal Grid Tip to overcome low self-worth:

Create a Flower of Life crystal grid with red jasper, carnelian, and citrine to work with your lower chakras! Here’s how:

  1. Draw the symbol (most powerful) or print it out. 

  2. Place a big center stone in the middle and little stones all throughout the meeting points. I would use citrine as the center one, but you can also use a clear quartz sphere, obelisk, or generator.

  3. Think about your desired reality. How do you want to feel about yourself?

  4. Feel it in your heart, moving, throbbing, that new confident you.

  5. Send that heartfelt energy directly into your center stone.

  6. Touch the outside helper stones and bless them. Ask them to bring this energy now to you.

  7. Give your new self up to the Universe to bring it tangibly back to you in the best and easiest form for you.

  8. Keep feeling the confidence vibe and connecting to it energetically with the crystal grid. Rearranging and aligning it each day as you see fit.

  9. Check-in with your confidence level! Journal about your experience after 21 Days. Rearrange the stones, and add symbols, quartz points to boost or selenite as needed, and called to.

Happy crystal gridding!

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