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Healers on Fire: Case Studies

I have helped hundreds of talented mystic women and men around the globe to learn energy, crystal and shamanic healing, as well as hone, own and embody their unique healer selves. I support them in their skills, knowledge and unique ideas and dowloads that activate, enhance and bring in new uplevels in their pratice.

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Te Aho Robertson

Challenge: Te Aho came to me deeply grieving a dearly departed friend, ungrounded, had no idea how to organize herself in her new business and she had massive doubts about and resistance to her psychic gifts that were aching to be expressed and blooming without control.

Soulution: Into the Crystal Mystic and Birth Your Soulbiz Healer Brand Becoming Vortex. One on One Online Brand Guidelines process. For 6 months we met twice a month. I led her to build her brand guidelines document and define who she was as I held deep support for her resistance and gave her lots of healing after every training. I also gave her masterful written support when the going got tough, doubts creeped up and change came around her life to uplevel her idea of self.

Result: Pikea her whale power animal guide came in a to stay her now clicks for confirmation, allowin her to trust and have a stronger relationship with her astral self. She has become a popular global Soul Alignment Specialist.


Jessica Sage

Challenge: Jess had  a profound awakening that changed her life . Everything I teach resonated with her because she wanted to create 

Her fitness boot camps were asking her to bring in the gentle, kind, lighthouse part of her


Reiki Master  and Crystal Shaman. 3 certifications to ground her healer identity and beging a new more meaningful chapter in her life

Result: Jessica now has a more aligned business swhere she feels frees to serve as both a fitness and nutrition coch and a self care healer.  She serves hundred of women in her area and is a beacon of light 

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Jariksa Del Valle


Kari was tired of culinary jobs that paid too little and did not feel aligned with her values. She had given birth to her daughter and her call to become a healer had become relentless. She needed something to tie it all together and help her sustain her spiritual entrepreneur dreams.


Reiki Master. This year with me grounded her healing gifts and gave her a lot of confidence and as  medicine woman.

Result: Jariksa is now a beacon of light in her community in western Puerto Rico, inspiring mothers and other healers to set up their own businesses.


Susan Ray


Susan came to me bored and tired with her reiki practice. She had already finished her certifications and was shaping herself as a Magdalene priestess in service of womanhood. She led several gym workout classes but she knew she wanted to lead women to fall in love with themselves and their body again


Crystal Shaman. We deep dived into the power of the Mineral Kingdom, resonance and sacred geometry. I helped her embody her shamanic power and understand what online community leadership is all about

Result Womb Readings, a masterful session that 

Since then, her healer womban coach practice has shot through the roof!

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