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Aura Crystals On The Rise!

Aura Crystals are real Quartz crystals that have been enhanced by modern alchemy. This intensifies the original elements of the base crystal (usually Quartz or Amethyst) plus emits a unique set of new energies. Take a look at some of the most used aura crystals:


Shimmering iridescence and a sheen rainbow of colors dazzle our eyes and awaken our sense of magic. These large quartz clusters from Brazil were baked and bonded with Platinum and Silver at a high temperature, which has uplifted them to the realm of angels. The vibe is loving, sweet, angelic, fantastic, and magical.

Angel Aura Quartz supports you with:

  • Angelic communication

  • Seeing beyond the physical

  • Soothing anxiety

  • Healing inner child

  • Hear one's angelic guides

  • Remembering lessons from past lives

  • Harmonizing your energy body

  • Bring back joy and wonder

  • Caring for children, aligning with their energy

  • Particularly helpful in soothing the nervous system

  • Soothes panic attacks

  • Aids in attuning to and giving Reiki energy

  • Uplift your mood


Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals are a beautiful bright blue color and have very high and quite intense energy. Their vibration activates all of the chakras and these crystals resonate strongly with an energy that is powerful to aid communication and psychic gifts.

Aura Aqua Quartz supports you with:

  • Psychic attack protection

  • Prevent negative effects from any type of energy

  • Helps you connect in meditation

  • Helps you develop psychic abilities

  • Stimulates the third eye chakra

  • Helps you develop writing skills

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