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Ground the
New Earth

Witness the power of a Lightworker Circle at work!

Join me, Brenda Soulfire, Crystal Medicine Woman, and 7 amazing lightworkers from around the globe as we show up in full concentrated light power to ground our crystalline vision of the New Earth.

Tune in as we share our healer medicine and land the energy of Mama Gaia's Golden Age into our current reality during one of the most powerful Heaven Meets Earth portals of our times.

The time is Now.

Come and receive the downloads, light codes, frequencies, channelings, high energy, sound healings, crystal healing frequencies, reiki, activations and affirmations from a powerful group of lit channel souls who have come together to anchor the Human Dawn.


In the middle of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, lightworkers and energy workers from all over the world joined me in a light circle and created an all powerful energy grid that grounded the Golden Age of Gaia and her inhabitants. Enjoy our first healing circle! I plan to do more of these, for sure. Crystal blessings!

Ground The New Earth: Healer Open Mic 12/21/20 at 12:21 pm  MST

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