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3-Day Karma Clearing Intensive
February 13,14 & 15, 2021

🔥 Let it all burn! 🔥


Leave your darkest shadows in 2020 and step into 2021 feeling blissed out and released from the hold your worst nightmares had on you.


2020 cracked all of us open.


For some, it felt like the worst; for others, like me, it felt like it was for the best. But for all of us, it made us come face to face with truth, our inner shadows and what was no longer working in our lives, and that my friends IS always for the best.


It's time to burn down the old house, and build on the brighter now. Let go of the past and how it’s driving you now.


It’s time to make peace with traumas of the past and live a life more full of light.


It is time to let go of what is no longer working for us and come into 2021 lighter, clearer, activated af, and ready to face the new year with a new you!


I thought I was going to lay low this December, but my Universal Self knew better. I asked what wanted to come through me and this was it! 


3 Full Days of Intensive Trauma Energy Clearing based on Leonard Orr’s 8 Biggies of Human Traumas that every rebirther must clear and work before attempting to start healing others. Leonard Orr was an amazing spiritual and immortalist theory researcher, and the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork. And, using his method, we are going to clear as much as we can out of them in 3 days! 

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Welcome to Burn, Baby, Burn!


A sacred, safe, supportive 3-day online container full of intense transformation all day long to move, clear and shift energy around each one of our biggest traumas.


Who is this for?

  • Empaths who Suffer Too Much

  • Healers who know they need Healing

  • Boss babes who are ready to face and clear their truth so they can shine

  • Mystics of all walks of life who are ready to clear big blocks to their psychic abilities

  • Coaches who know they need inner healing to go the next level

  • People who are ready for massive spiritual purification

After going through this major  trauma energy clearing experience, you will feel:

  • Super Clear

  • Ready to Rule 2021

  • Activated AF

  • Sooo Much Lighter Inside

  • Like You Have Moved Major Blocks to Whatever It is You Want, Which You Did!


If you hear the Call to Clear Your Karma and Start Shining Brighter as You, Welcome to your ticket to burn it all!

Step into this transformational vortex where we will identify and clear all major traumas that bog down our energy bodies and prevent us from living our best lives. 

Leonard Orr’s 8 Biggies of Human Trauma:

  1. The birth trauma – including prenatal and infancy trauma

  2. The parental disapproval syndrome

  3. The misuse of the power of the mind – specific negatives

  4. The unconscious death urge

  5. Karma from past lives

  6. School trauma

  7. Religion trauma

  8. Senility

The 3 Day Karma Cleansing Intensive Schedule
All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Day 1 - Saturday, February 13

11 am - Birth Trauma

  • Opening Ceremony

  • How Birth Affects Our Worldview

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Group Rebirth


1 pm - Parental Disapproval

  • Learned Emotional Dynamics 

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Crystal Reiki


3 pm - Personal Lies 

  • Trauma Event that Affected Identity

  • Journaling Prompts

  • UTP, Affirmations and Response Column

  • ACIM


5 pm - Healing Oracle Card Reading with Jennifer Rivera

Day 2 - Sunday,

February 14

11 am - Fear of Death

  • Leap Over Your Fear of Change

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Group Rebirth

1 pm - Past Lives

  • Learn Your Life Lessons

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Meditation


3 pm - School Trauma 

  • Transform Your Bullies

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Shamanic Journey to Bring Back Teen Self


5 pm - Healing Oracle Card Reading with Jennifer Rivera

Day 3 - Monday, 

February 15

10 am - Religion Trauma

  • What They Taught Us About Ourselves

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Mantras


1 pm - Senility

  • Entropy: The Energy of Aging and Forgetting

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Group Rebirth


3 pm - Crystal Reiki & Trance Dance Party


5 pm - Closing Ceremony

2 PAYMENTS OF $444.00

Puerto Rico Residents receive a 33% discount because of the island's current economic situation. 

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