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7 weeks. 7 chakras. 1 new you!

Align to Your New Earth Self
Chakra Balancing Intensive

Beautiful soul, you have been invited to participate in

The Soulfire School’s Align To Your New Earth Self 7-week online chakra balancing intensive!



Amazing woman, The Great Pause is here. Humanity has awakened. Old systems are crumbling and new systems are ready to take their place, and that includes your own energy body. Learning to discern energy is your new point of power.

By applying the Soulfire Chakra Balancing Method™ you will shift from overwhelmed and unclear on how to navigate these huge new changes in your life to feeling confident in your dreams and being clear on how to accomplish them regardless of the uncertain times.

This online group Chakra Balancing Intensive is taking on Monday, 5/4/20. Let's rock your energy body and get you crystal clear about your life, your dreams, and your focus again. Yass!

Here to ignite your light, gorgeous lighthouse!


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chakritas llamitas.JPG
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Go from insecure hot mess to

empowered, confident, shining gem in 7 weeks

by learning about crystal healing, your energy body

and balancing your 7 main chakras!

Get the support you need! By guiding you through each one of your main chakras, connecting you to them and balancing them with crystal healing frequencies, tools and knowledge that empower your multidimensional New Earth self. The program includes:  

  • One 9-Crystal Pro Chakra Balancing Kit from Soulfire Spiritual Shoppe with DIY Chakra Balancing Instructions

  • One 2hr 1:1 Online Full Chakra Analysis and Balance Session with Brenda Soulfire

  • One Session Notes with Metaphysical, Journaling and Vibrational Medicine Recommendations

  • 7 Weekly Group Zoom calls with “hot seat” style Spiritual Life Coaching & Crystal Reiki Healing Rays

  • Access to Chakra Balancing Class on

  • Access to private Facebook community

  • Written support Mo-Fri 10am-6pm MST via email or messenger

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Are you ready to get aligned with your dreams?

Then, get on the magic Chakra bus!

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Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-43.png

The total value of time and effort put into this program is $ 3, 133.56. However, Soulfire's cost for you is $ 783.00 in accordance with my guides asking that we resonate to the Earth’s electromagnetic resonance, which is 783 mhz. So let's resonate!


Cost for you

Pay In Full Now & Choose 1 of 3 Bonuses!

  • Rebirthing Breathwork Session for Releasing Trauma

  • Shamanic Journey for Recovering Parts of Yourself

  • Life Path Crystal Reading for Receiving Divine Messages

Payment Plan Option Available

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30% Discount

For Puerto Rico Residents

Puerto Rico Residents

  • Sign up for New Earth Self PR 

  • Must Have PR Billing Address

  • Upon Checkout, select the 'Enter Coupon Code' to apply the discount

Payment Plan Option Available

Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-43.png

For more information, email me at or book a FREE call!

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