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Shift the story, shift the vibe! A shamanic reiki tip

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Shamanic healing and reiki have existed for thousands of years. Now the era of fusion is coming up with new ways of doing it, and it is upon us. It was about time a modality blended them to create a very stable environment and process with which to travel into ourselves and other people’s or entities energies without entangling us further.

What is shamanic reiki?

Shamanic reiki is all about marrying the stability and light of working within the reiki ray, the light of the universal life force, which has only the best intentions for all, with the shaman’s powers of spiritual traveling and shapeshifting within the different worlds to affect reality.

Except in this tip, we will be traveling to your own inner worlds, your chakras, the spaces that create and record and manifest and program all the moving multidimensional parts that are YOU.

First things first. If you hadn’t noticed, news flash:

Stories are running in your chakras, and yes, you can change them!

We are powerful creators, and if we wrote them and kept them running the reel there for a while, we can also decide to change them and simply change the channel. Done with horror? Choose another movie! You get my drift. Thought IS creative, and going to the root, where the energy is running, is where you can have any effect at all.

Shamanic Reiki Tip

One component of what I do to raise your frequency, apart from activating and matching the frequency of the crystals for you to tune to, is to shamanic reiki myself straight into your chakras (with your permission, of course!)

Here is a shamanic reiki tip and the basis of what I do when I go into your chakras, the rest I leave it up the crystals to tune you. But for my part, this is what I do:

I basically bilocate and journey into your energetic centers to see the frame (chakras) and the stories (beliefs) your chakras are running on.

And I go in them like a mad magical storytelling editor and change them!

Shift the stories that are happening in your chakras by doing this meditation for 7 days straight and you will actively change and shift them on an energetic level. Because You are the power here.

Read over the steps first, then go do this little ritual on your own in magus yogi shaman seer mode.

Chakra Story Rewrite Meditation

Step 1: Establish sacred space. Go to a corner where you are not disturbed. Put on some calming sacred music, burn incense, create space to be.

Step 2: Make Your Invocation. Call on your Guides, angels and ancestors to be here. Call on Reiki Masters past present and future and activate reiki if you know it.

Step 3: Place Yourself As a Clear Channel for Light = Information and Love = Creation to come in.

Step 4: Ground Yourself to the Mother. Send down a chord of light down to the great iron core of the planet and let its iron content resonate with the one in your body. Thank the Mother.

Step 5: Anchor Yourself to the Father: Send a chord of light up to the Heavens, beyond this galaxy into Alcyone, the Great Central Sun.

Step 6: Move your awareness inside your chakras, one by one.

Step 7: In each chakra, check the frame, the chakra itself, to see how it is moving and showing up. Look for the following characteristics to guide you into understanding what it’s doing on an energetic level. Check for:

💎 Color

💎 Light

💎 Speed

💎 Pattern

💎 Words

💎 Visuals

💎 Sensations

💎 Frequency strength

Step 8: Check the story. Stay quiet inside until you are able to hear or see the stories like movies that are running in each chakra. Go through all of your inner senses and ask yourself:

💎 What am I hearing, seeing, sensing, touching, smelling or tasting?

💎 What presences are there?

💎 What is this story about?

💎 What’s happening here? What is the energy?

💎 What can I do to change this script?

💎 Do I need to turn on the light? Remove somebody?

Step 9: Shift the story. Visualize yourself journeying inside these moving stories and interact with them in the etheric level. You might think you are making this up. Imagining it. Well, I’ve got news for you, imagination IS the astral level.

Also this is you, the world that you will be exploring into, so there is no need to worry about journeying with protection or anything. Unless you are called to, then ask a guide to be with you as you refit the story to be what you want it to be.

Change the script, the words, the actions in there. Now is your time to change what you don’t like in the scene. Creativity is key here and with practice you will get better at vibeshifting the story.

Step 10: Repeat in every chakra from the ground up.

Step 11: Give thanks to the Mother and Father and bring in the chords of light back into your light body. Thank your own heart for its courage and beauty as well.

Step 12: Journal!!! Jot down new insights, stories and sensations and visuals and words that grabbed you.

How did seeing yourself energetically feel or empower you? Become a member of the Soulfire Tribe and let me know in the comments!

Many crystal blessings and may you always have the courage and creativity to see inside yourselves. Aho. Han han katu. And it is so. :)

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