My Services

  • FREE 15-min. Clarity Call

    Let's chat soul to soul and see how I can help you rise today!

    1 hr


  • Crystal Reading

    Ask the crystals about that situation and get a FREE Aura Scan with Rx

    1 hr

  • Life Path Crystal Reading

    Intuitive crystal whisperer 7-9 crystal reading, aka lithomancy.

    1 hr

  • Energy Scan & Vibe Rx

    Let me read your energies!

    30 min

  • Full Chakra Alignment

    My Most Popular Session! Get aligned, woke af and shine like a gem tod...

    2 hr

  • Chakra Stregthening Crystal Session

    Support your 2 weakest chakras with crystal reiki!

    1 hr

  • Reiki

    Find your peace with the most popular energy healing modality in the w...

    1 hr

  • Crystal Reiki

    Healing for

    1 hr

  • Shamanic Reiki

    Trauma release, shamanic journeying and crystal reiki energy merge to ...

    1 hr

  • Sparkle Week!

    Powerful 7-day Crystal Healing Intensive

    7 hr


  • Reiki 4 Surgery

    Heal 50% faster and 100% calmer after your procedure!

    3 hr


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