1:1 Sessions
Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-06.png
Tribal Shaman-Design-Kit-06.png

Schedule a crystal healing session with me.


I'm here to fully support the rise in power of empaths, healers, mystics, oracles,

mediums, channelers, witches, and shamans of the world.


The world needs us in our power now

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Clarity Call


FREE 20-minute heart-to-heart soul chat to see how I can be of help. Includes one Crystal Rx. 

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Heal Now

$333 | Two (2) hours

Shift the energy of a recurring pattern and be free to life your best life! This is a healing session that can take many forms as I am guided to work with you, whether it's clearing your vibration with reiki, or journeying to a key event in your lives, or releasing trauma from the energy body by breathing it out consciously.


You will receive one or several of the following healing modalities:

- Reiki

- Crystal Reiki

- Spiritual Life Coaching

- Shamanic Healing

- Reconnective Healing

- Rebirthing Breathwork


Time to live your best life. Let's heal this! 

Get Clean.png
Get Clean

$333 | Two (2) hours

Dive deep into THAT situation. See the energy. Get your answers with a comprehensive divination session that takes a grounded, truthful look at the energy dynamics underlying the situation.


Choose your divination tools:

- Tarot

- Oracle Cards

- Crystals


And Spreads

- Life Path Reading

- 9 Crystals - Career

- Love & Relationships

- Health

Energy Body Checkup.png
Energy Body Checkup

$333 | Two (2) hours

Do you know what your chakras are doing? Energy does not lie. Get a full Chakra Checkup. Brighten up your vibes with a full energetic body analysis, cleanse, and reprogramming!


My most popular session is chock full of healing, activations, and aha! moments, no matter whether you are online or in Denver. This is a distance shamanic crystal healing session and detailed Energy Body Analysis, including main chakras, aura, and energetic patterns. It includes Chakra Analysis, spiritual life coaching, and Vibrational Medicine Rx.


You will receive a recorded video of our session and a detailed report of your energy body at the time of the session along with recommendations and divine downloads that came through.

Shine Soulbiz Shine.png
Shine, Soulbiz, Shine

$333 | Two (2) hours

Know your brand and content creation could use some expert glam and support? Let's dive into your brand essence, your message, your audience, and how you create content. Uplevel your brand and content strategy with simple action steps you can leverage for maximum alignment with your message and true soul connection to your ideal client.


Get core 3 action items to shift your content into aligned brilliance. This a taste of what we do in our 1:1 3 month Birth Your Soulbiz vortex.

Crystal Reading.png
Crystal Reading

$111 | 45 minutes

Ask the Mineral Kingdom about the underlying energies playing out in a situation or phase of your life.


Discover what the crystals are whispering about you and the aligned action that is needed from you to get the right outcome. Intuitive 5 crystal reading. Recorded session and notes included and sent next business day.

Soulfire School Product Photos.png

$999 per month

Three (3) sessions per month for three (3) months

This is the perfect container for your healing and inner growth. You get the best of Brenda, at your bespoke healing journey's service. In this 1:1  vortex, we mainly focus on your personal healing, as well as getting to know your energy body thoroughly, and anchoring the daily spiritual practice that totally works for you and reconnects you to Source. You also receive tons of tools and information to fire up your soul for life, including crystal healing Rx, vibrational medicine tips, spiritual book recommendations, mindset practices, rituals, divine downloads, and ancestor messages.

SIGN UP FOR THIS 3-MONTHS 1:1 and you'll get: 

  • 3 x 2 hr. Full Chakra Alignment Sessions

  • 3 x 1 hr. Crystal Reiki Sessions

  • 3 x 1 hr. Reiki, Rebirthing or Shamanic Reiki Sessions

  • Written Support via Email or FB Messenger Mo-Fri 11 am-6 pm MST

  • Personalized Spiritual Life Coaching and Recommendations

  • You, in tune with your energy body

  • You, with a daily spiritual practice that works for you

  • You, transformed into a human crystal living in the light

  • 1 x Customized Metaphysical Shopping List